Private Yoga Session

Using meditation, breath work, yoga, and myofascial work with hands on assistance to deepen practice in a comfortable 1 on 1 setting.

$50 per hour class

Reiki Session

Reiki is an energy body work that enables us to heal ourselves more effectively and more deeply by releasing stagnant energy in the body. Spend 1 hour opening up your energy channels. Can also include suction cup therapy and accupressure to create unique healing hour to fit unique needs.

First session: $10

Repeating Healing sessions: $35

Studio Inclusive Language Training

Yoga studios culture does not have the tools and language to be inclusive to bodies they do not understand. With queer bodies being excluded, with my 1 hour training, I will teach studio owners, teachers in the studio and teachers in training how to create spaces where queer bodies can come into their spaces and not be uncomfortable.

Service trading option available for payment

Private Client Videos

If you are out of town or just want to practice in the comfort of your own home, you give the intentions and you set the pace. This gives you access to the videos tab on the website to check out all the guided meditations, pranayama and yoga flows ranging in time.


Tarot Reading

Get a 15 minute tarot reading with unique spread and crystal arrangements to fit your personal question addressed to the cards.